Monday, November 24, 2008

Online Schools???

Hey, this is for all the adults out there. Have you been wanting to go back to school? I have been going for two years now and about to receive my assosiates degree in multimedia and visual communications. My bachelor year is just around the corner. I know that alot of people are in the same predicument as me, I am 32 years old and have to work full time to make ends meat. I want to let every one know that an education is a must in todays world. I chose the University of Phoenix over many schools for the curiculum that they offer. I was told once that two years is going to go by any way so you might as well get an education on the way. That is what I did, I know that expereince is key, but with out an education it is hard to get your foot in the door. If you are interested or have any questions blog back or email me at

Friday, November 21, 2008


I have had the pleasure of helping out friends and family with problems that they seem to have with the use of different types of programs out there for web site design. There are so many on the market to use nowadays, which is the best? I will tell you what I use and what I use it for, I really love the now Adobe products; Dreamweaver, Photoshop CS3 and CS4, as well as the Flash. These three really work well together and incorporate graphics just by exporting them to each other with no hasel. Dreamweaver is a great program to do what I call point and click style web sites. Now with bigger jobs that deals with some programming I like to use Visual Studios. This is a very nice program to do websites as well as functinal programs in. It allows easy access to Database systems for ease of saving information about well what ever your site is about...
Take care.