Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The DDR Family

What is DDR, DDR stands for double data rate which is a signaling method that allows higher clocking speeds. The first set was of course the DDR then the DDR2, and now we have the DDR3. The only difference is the speed of the memory. The motherboard is now equipped to handle memory in a dual channel. This means more memory and faster access to that memory for the computer to use. The higher or faster the chip, the more expensive it gets. Honestly right now for the money DDR2 would be the cheapest rout and with little to no difference from the DDR3. For those that still want to know what memory is, it is also called RAM. Random Access Memory, and is used by the computer to store programs that are being used by the computer so it can be access quickly.

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Caleb said...

This was SOO interesting. LOL It probably would be if I knew what it all meant. I probably should become more familiar with this kind of stuff.
UPDATE and go look at my blog when you have time. I've started doing this show. It's really stupid but it's fun HAHA
Caleb :):)